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Do You Struggle With Your Lean Transformation?

  • Do you struggle to engage your people?

  • Have your results been less than you hoped?

  • Have you failed to sustain your gains?

  • Are improvements driven by experts?

  • Do current systems drive bad behaviors?

  • Are people over managed and under led?

Do you need to train more than 100 employees?

SISU’s Approach Works in All Industries

If you rely on people to deliver results, you need SISU.


Discover how SISU’s people-centric approach has helped organizations like yours implement thousands of improvements and develop principle-based lean leaders.

SISU’s approach is as inspiring as it is practical…their model is the best systematic approach that I have seen that is simple, yet delivers high impact for creating a culture of continuous improvement.

Jacob Raymer

Former Director of Education, The Shingo Institute


Aligned goals and daily kaizen ignite passion that spreads like wildfire.


Clear expectations and autonomy speed the development of people.


The right culture drives the right results; everyday, everywhere.

What Makes SISU So Different?

Over the last 15 years, SISU has supported more than 500 organizations in 14 different countries, across both manufacturing and service industries.  We do this by developing leaders at each level of the organization who can successfully design principle-based daily management systems that engage everyone in the organization and drive business results.  SISU is a Licensed Affiliate for the Shingo Institute, responsible for the training and development of certified Shingo trainers and examiners.  Enroll in one of our workshops and experience why SISU has more Shingo winning clients than any other consultancy in the world.


How much are mis-aligned and episodic improvement efforts costing you?   How high would productivity, quality and profitability be with a fully engaged workforce?  How many of your leaders spend more time firefighting than coaching for improvement?  What if your culture was the reason great employees refuse to leave and great recruits were dying to get in?  The lack of a team-based continuous improvement culture may already be costing you a great deal.


With the Workshop, You’ll Get These Bonuses:

  1. Cultural Maturity Assessments
  2. Operational Excellence Resource Library

Mike Martyn is intense and his past success and business experience lend confidence and excitement to his sessions.  As opposed to other companies that merely come in and present training classes, SISU ensures clients are addressing actual business needs, refines learning needs down to their simplest form and identifies critical indicators of success.  Each participant is held accountable to learn and apply the information taught and Mike gives individual attention to each person to identify their strengths, overcome personal obstacles and taste success. Once the word gets out that Mike is leading a session, people are clamoring to get into the class.

Allison Barlow

Director of Development, OC Tanner

We Literally Wrote the Book

Written and tested over a three year period, and based on more than 15 years of direct implementation experience, Own the Gap teaches the reader how to create a culture of daily kaizen where “improving the work is the work.”  More than 500 organizations have used our model to drive engagement and results, including such industries as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, energy, and higher education.

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