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Frequently Asked Questions

Our most commonly asked questions are featured below. If you do not see the answer you are seeking, please submit your question using the message form on the Contact Us page.

Are the online courses as effective as face to face instruction?

No, the online courses are not the same as having Mike Martyn at your organization leading the sessions and responding to questions in real time. However, we have included more than 4 hours of video of Mike’s direct instruction and each course has been tested with actual clients to ensure your success.

Is there a recommended sequence to the courses?

We recommend you proceed from Understanding our Model (review of the book) to the Principles course and finish with Designing for Daily Kaizen (focused on implementation).

How long will the courses take?

As these courses are highly interactive and full of exercises and implementation assignments, the time it takes to complete each course will depend upon the speed of your execution. Generally speaking, we have designed the courses to be finished in 90 days.

Can I stop and start my program?

The online program is self-paced allowing you to start and stop whenever you want and for any length of time you need.

How do I access my account?

Existing users may navigate to New users may visit to enroll in a course.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we do not issue refunds. If you need additional information, please submit your comment via the message form on the Contact Us page.

We literally wrote the book!

Written and tested over a three year period, and based on more than 15 years of direct implementation experience, Own the Gap teaches the reader how to create a culture of daily kaizen where “improving the work is the work.”  More than 500 organizations have used our model to drive engagement and results, including such industries as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, energy, and higher education.