Based on SISU Consulting Group’s award winning approach, our online courses take you though the actual training and implementation tools we have successfully used with hundreds of clients to build principle-based daily management systems that generate sustainable results.

Focused Courses

Designed and Tested for Success

Designed to work together, each of our courses combines video tutorials, interactive exercises and real world implementation support to teach leaders how to implement the principles of enterprise excellence and design results-based daily management systems.  Enroll now and experience why we have more award winning clients than any other consultancy in the world.

Understanding the Model

This course takes the student step by step through our Shingo winning book and implementation model.  Each chapter tests for comprehension and contains additional videos and implementation advice not contained in the book.

Learning the Principles of Enterprise Excellence

This course takes a deep dive into the Principles of Enterprise Excellence and teaches the student how to assess their leadership style and organizational culture using the Shingo Model as well as how to properly balance principles, systems and tools.

Designing a Daily Management System

Armed with an understanding of our model and the principle-based ideal behaviors critical to developing a daily kaizen culture, this course takes the student step-by-step through the design and implementation of the elements of a closed-loop daily management system.

Trusted by over 500 organizations.

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Winner of the 2019 Shingo Research and Publication Award, Transforming Higher Ed: Implementing a Culture of Continuous Improvement at the University of Washington, presents the development model that generated $328 million in financial benefit to the university and has been benchmarked by 124 organizations.  Download a copy today and learn how to accelerate your lean journey and develop a team-based continuous improvement culture.

The University of Washington has set a bar that has indeed become the benchmark for OE at the University of California, Riverside and many other institutions that have studied and sought to emulate what UW has done.  By focusing on people first, UW has achieved impressive success in transforming its culture and has proven that culture is indeed a critical component in understanding the process of planned change and transformation in the university environment.

Ron Coley

Vice Chancelor, University of California Riverside

We Literally Wrote the Book

Written and tested over a three year period, and based on more than 15 years of direct implementation experience, Own the Gap teaches the reader how to create a culture of daily kaizen where “improving the work is the work.”  More than 500 organizations have used our model to drive engagement and results, including such industries as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, energy, and higher education.

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Download our Award Winning Case Study for Free!

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